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How does Interfyl® Human Connective Tissue Matrix work?

Interfyl uses the power of placental tissue to support your body’s natural ability to heal. Unlike steroid injections, the solution in Interfyl helps replace and supplement damaged or inadequate integumental tissue.

Interfyl provides a structural foundation for weak, damaged tissue. The cell-friendly scaffold provides a favorable environment for cell attachment – the first step in natural healing.

Cells migrate and attach to the Interfyl scaffold. Your attached cells then support healing and repair damaged tissue.

What makes Interfyl unique?

  • Interfyl does not contain amnion
  • The only CTM filler derived exclusively from the chorion plate of the human placenta
  • Minimally processed – retains fundamental characteristics of native connective tissue

How is Interfyl offered?

Interfyl Connective Tissue Matrix is available in flowable and particulate forms to enable a variety of clinical and surgical applications.

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